The company was founded in 1884 by brothers George Percival and James Baker establishing an inheritance full of innovation and drama. Avid and discerning collectors of rare and iconic designs, the brothers began what has become one of the largest and most exciting privately owned textile archives in the world. By 1893 GP & J Baker was employing some of the leading Arts and Crafts designers of the time and an in-house studio led by W.J. Thomas began developing designs from the extensive archive. George Percival constantly added to the archive, notably with the purchase of over 400 antique block prints from the Holzach studio in Paris around 1910, and had collected about 250 rare Indian printed cottons by 1920. A number of GP & J Baker designs have been in production for 50 to 100 years, each re-issue adding another layer of history to their considerable charm. More recently some have been translated into woven fabrics, embroideries and wallpapers. Always progressive, but maintaining strong links with its past, GP & J Baker will long continue to decorate the future.

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